Keeping Coffee Fresh for Camping

Posted: August 21, 2010 in Uncategorized


Experts recommend that you store your coffee in a dry, air-tight container, in a dark place at room temperature. This is good advice except that most air-tight containers seal in flavor-destroying air.

Here’s where the AirScape from Planetary Design comes in. Instead of trapping air inside the container, the AirScape forces it out and locks it out. Watch the demo below:

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The National Coffee Association of USA, Inc. seems to be in agreement. “It is important not to refrigerate or freeze your daily supply of coffee because contact with moisture will cause it to deteriorate. Instead, store coffee in air-tight glass or ceramic containers and keep it in a convenient, but dark and cool, location. Remember that a cabinet near the oven is often too warm, as is a cabinet on an outside wall of your kitchen if it receives heat from a strong afternoon or summer sun.”

The best advice for getting the freshest possible coffee is:

1- Buy in small quantities.
2- Buy whole beans
3- Grind only what you are going to use immediately
4- Store beans or ground coffee in air-tight containers in a cool dry place away from light
5- Do not freeze or refrigerate


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