Solar-Powered Collapsible Lamps by Jesper Jonsson

Posted: August 19, 2010 in Uncategorized

Solar-Powered Collapsible Lamps by Jesper Jonsson



Illuminate your camp site the environmentally friendly way, with these solar-powered collapsible lamps. Powered by solar energy, this eco-friendly concept lamp lights up your surrounds when unfolded. Designed by Jesper Jonsson, the solar-powered collapsible lamps come equipped with solar panels that collect energy when the sun is out and store it in a battery. Once the sun goes down, the lamp can be unfolded and its onboard battery powers a set of bulbs inside the lamp to give you light. It also comes with a strap with magnets that lets you hang the lamp in a variety of ways, open of closed. Jesper Jonsson.



A very nice camping lantern you can hang on the outside of your backpack to catch the sun. I love the soft lighting.


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