Teva Illums – Flip Flops with a Guiding Light

Posted: August 15, 2010 in Uncategorized



Teva illum Flip Flops with LED

I just did a video on ultralight backpacking camp shoes — shoes that make steam crossings easier, give you more comfort around the campfire. A email from Backpacker Magazine highlights the new Teva Illums, $50 flip flops (a lot of money) with a light built in.

Backpacker says they are “made with the outdoor enthusiast in mind–massaging footbeds, illuminating LED lights, sturdy straps, and rock-solid arch support are just some of their sporty features.” They give the weight as 12.4 ounces for a woman’s size 8 (why do they always choose small size). I’m guessing maybe 15 ounces for the men’s version. It’s worth looking at. After injuring my achilles on a 10-mile first day backpack on  California’s Lost Coast because of poorly broken in boots, a alternative pair of shoes can be important.

Now for the first time, your feet know where they’re going.


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