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Posted: August 14, 2010 in Uncategorized

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August 14, 2010

Fabric Innovation For Spring

Columbia Insect Blocker

Well known for their textile innovation, such as last season’s Omni-Heat, Columbia will now be introducing their own lightweight waterproof breathable fabric called Omni-Dry as well as an insect repellent fabric called Insect Blocker for Spring 2011.  

Omni-Dry will be integrated into a set of cross-functional apparel in every category from trails to water. Omni-Dry is designed to keep you cool, dry and mobile during high physical activity regardless of the weather. 

The air permeable, waterproof fabric transfers the moisture vapor you generate under exertion out of the garment at an extremely high rate, while protecting you from the outer elements at the same time. Columbia’s recent OutDry acquisition will round out its waterproof breathable collection enabling the company to cover footwear and gloves as well as apparel. 

Columbia is also introducing their new Insect Blocker fabric with integrated insect repellent to keep you pest free on your outdoor adventures. Insect Blocker is made from the synthetic version of the natural insect repelling pyrethrins found in the chrysanthemum flower. Long lasting, safe and effective, Insect Blocker will be incorporated into shirts, pants and hats for an arsenal of bug busting gear.

Schoeller energear


The latest fabric technology from Schoeller is energear, where a mineral mix is woven into a breathable and elastic fabric. The technology is based on the ancient knowledge that certain minerals have the capacity to reflect back Far Infrared Rays. 

Far Infrared Rays (FIRs) are a component of infrared rays and are naturally radiated by your body as well as the sun and certain stones and minerals. They are experienced as a pleasant, slight warm sensation on your skin. Schoeller’s energear looks to reflect back this FIR energy that you radiate from your body in order to increase your performance and wellbeing. 

The reflection of FIRs promotes blood circulation and increased oxygen levels in the blood. This additional energy enhances your performance, prevents premature fatigue and helps your body to recover faster. You will supposedly experience increased air intake with a lower pulse rate and reduced lactic acid buildup. 

I am curious how the new Schoeller fabric compares to Celliant, which has been on the market for awhile now. 


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This is one high tech fabric. I’m going to give it a go when it becomes available.


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